Go Study Australia

A sneak peek at our rewarding day as helpful hands.

The bushfires across Australia are extinguished but what’s left behind is damage: Large natural habitats which were home to several animal species are destroyed. It’s no question that we need to help wherever we can. Our international Team of Go Study Legends didn’t hesitate to support the non-profit organisation Conservation Volunteers Australia and spent a day as volunteers.

Do you want to see us in action? Check out this video to follow us through the day

What does a day as a volunteer look like?

After a warm welcome from the friendly team of Conservation Volunteers Australia and a quick hello to all the other volunteers, we started our voluntary service day with a short briefing about the area and safety mechanisms regarding woodwork. The goal of the day was to build about 20 next boxes for little pygmy possums. The fairly unknown, but cute animals need safe, waterproof places to hide from their natural enemies such as bigger animals and bad weather conditions.

A pygmy possum -The proud new owner of a wooden box

Following a step by step instruction on how to build the boxes, we teamed up in pairs of two and started out ourselves. It was a fun task since woodwork is very hands-on and soon we had our first boxed ready. Knowing how it all works, we were ambitious to make a few more and kept going for a few hours. All of the finished products will be spread out in an area close to the Blue Mountains.

To sum up, we had a great experience as volunteers. We met new people from all around the world, had good chats, snacks and tea breaks and gained some useful woodworking skills. We can only recommend to go ahead and book your spot too.


Here is a list of the next recovery opportunities in March:

  • NSW
  • QLD
  • Townsville: 21 Mar: Wildlife rescue craft workshop – book your spot  
  • SA
  • Adelaide: 12 Mar : Fence removal and repairs in Adelaide Hills – book your spot
  • WA


If you decide to participate and book your spot, don’t forget to share your experience and send us a picture of your day as a volunteer: sydney@gostudy.com.au