Go Study Australia
On August 27th, Go Study presented our new imagery and voice to the world!Our ‘new look’ represented the excitement of the experience we give our students and the expertise of our company as the Experts in Australia.Our new logo has more energy, strength and a fluid motion in order to better share our dynamism. Check out now our new logo and our new brand!

About our new logo

You never stop learning. You learn through your studies but also through your life experience, the people you meet, the choice your make, the places you travel. We wanted our logo to reflect this and this is why we chose to use the similarity between the “GO” of Go Study and the infinity sign. Go Study Australia represents infinite possibilities and infinite experiences.We even used it for our new tagline: “A never-ending journey”!

New logo, same expertise

Although we changed our logo, we have not changes who we are. Our expert staff are here to help and support you in all the steps of your journey and studies in Australia. We are still the leaders in quality experience and Australian education:
  • Quality of experience - We work with over 250 of the best schools across Australia and we guarantee the best prices.
  • Quality of products - We are the experts in studies in Australia and we have the best free assistance, always by your side.
  • Quality of service - We know how to help you to build your future. We already did it with more than 24,000 students.

Values & promise of our new brand

Our new brand showcases our values and promises to you, to give you absolute confidence in Go Study to ensure you have an amazing experience:


  • You can count on us to deliver on our promises and give you priority services
  • With over 11 years experience and already +24,000 students, we are the preferred advisory service for international education in Australia in Europe.
  • Our 12 offices across Europe, Latin America and Australia will be there for you in each steps of your journey.


  • We don’t sell courses, we provide you with the best possible path - all for free! We are people working for people. Go Study is funded by Australian educational institutions which allows us to provide support completely free of charge for our students.
  • Our exclusive partnerships with Australian educational providers assure the best prices guaranteed for all schools we collaborate with


  • We are an Australian based company and with a global reach. We know Australia better than any other agency.
  • We focus solely on Australia, so we are the experts. With over 1200 colleges in Australia, and complicated visa rules - its important that you chose a company who is a specialist in your destination.
  • Our experienced Advisors have lived, travelled, worked and studied in Australia and use this experience to give the best advice - they can speak from experience.

High quality services

  • We offer the best educational path based on your personal needs
  • We have selected key colleges based on criteria such as “outcomes, flexibility, time tables, student experience etc”- so you can be confident you get great value
  • We can suggest courses to meet all types of educational, career and lifestyle needs
  • We offer a range additional services such as job support, help setting up phones, bank accounts etc and social events so your experience is incredible.