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The Victorian Government has created a $500 million ‘Working for Victoria’ program to help get people who have lost work due to the COVID-19 outbreak to get back into the workforce.

Responding to the growing call for providing support for international students, the Government of Victoria has stepped up to create job opportunities for international students through its ‘Working for Victoria’ program.

All other temporary visa holders who are eligible to work in Australia will also be able to find work through this program, which has already placed nearly 1,700 people in the state in new roles.

The program is also offering free online training courses so job seekers who are registered with the program are ready for the call-up to work.


  • Victorian Government’s program to create job opportunities for all temporary visa holders
  • International students will also be eligible to register for ‘Working for Victoria’
  • More than 1,700 job seekers have found work through the program

“Any international students that are legally allowed to work in Australia are eligible to register for the Working for Victoria program, which is helping people who have lost work due to the pandemic,” a spokesperson for the government said in a statement to SBS.

What is Working for Victoria?

The $500 million Working for Victoria fund is part of the government’s $1.7 billion economic survival package that is providing a range of support to businesses in the state.

Under this initiative, the state government is inviting job seekers to register their details on the vic.gov.au/workingforvictoria to access opportunities.

While workers can apply their skills to the roles available for specific roles, the program also allows employers and organisations who have vacancies to register their details, which then enables them to screen workers who fit into the available roles.

The program is placing job seekers in roles like food preparation and delivery for the vulnerable, and also in jobs related to the quarantine program for returning international arrivals such as transport operations, security and cleaning.

Many have also found work at call centres, minor maintaining, landscaping and upgrading public space.

Free online courses in cleaning, food hygiene, first aid and other important skills are also available to people who have lost their jobs and are registered with the program.

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who has working rights in Australia can apply.

How to apply?

The Victorian Government has partnered with Sidekicker to match potential applicants with work aligned to their skills and experience.