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Construction work in bushfire affected zones across Australia will now fall under the government's definition of specified work!

We’ve got some exciting news to announce: Recent visa changes allow you to do something powerful during your Work and Holiday year in Australia. You get the opportunity to help rebuild the fire affected communities as part of your visa eligibility.

You can work in a fire affected area doing things like rebuilding fences and homes or land clearing and this will classify as approved work to meet your 2nd year working holiday extension conditions.

So instead of picking watermelons in Queensland, you can now repair dams, roads and railways or help with demolition and support a local community on the coast of NSW. Go study sees this as a great initiative as it will empower travellers from all over the world to lend a hand and make a difference to areas who suffered from the terrible fires over Christmas.

Work for longer than 6 months with the same employer

If you have been travelling through Australia on a Work and Holiday Visa in the past, you were only allowed to stay with the same employer for six months at a time. But this has changed: If you contribute to construction work in disaster zones, including land clearing, rebuilding fences and homes and demolition, your employer can now hire you for a whole year.

To be eligible for a second working holiday visa, you must complete three months of work in an approved area of northern or regional Australia. For a third year, you must prove an additional six months of regional work. Since the different types of recovery effort mentioned above now count as specified work, this can be your way of staying longer in Australia.

Applicants for a working holiday visa must be between 18 and 30 years of age and be a citizen of an eligible country.