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Not sure if you are covered?

A really common question these days for international students is if my OSHC will cover your medical costs in case you get the COVID-19. We have talked to our partners from AHM and Medibank, our medical insurance providers, and they confirmed our students are in good hands in case of being infected (which hopefully won’t happen):


First of all, if you need to visit a doctor (General Practitioner), you should find a Direct Billing Clinic, which are those medical centres that have an agreement with AHM/Medibank. It will allow you to not pay the doctor, your fees will be billed to the medical insurance straight away. However, keep in mind the medical insurance will cover only the 100% of the MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule), it means if the cost of the doctor you visit is higher than what Medicare (Public Health System) set, your insurance would pay that amount and you should have to pay the difference.

In order to find a medical centre with direct billing with AHM/Medibank, you should check it here: https://www.ahmoshc.com.au/find-provider/#/
In case you feel sick and need to see a specialist to find out if you have the virus, you should first call 1800 020 080 so they can inform you how to proceed. If the line is busy and they cannot take your call, you can also fill the form in https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/coronavirus. We got the confirmation from AHM/Medibank that if you then go to a Public Hospital the screening and treatment will be free of charge.

In case you end up in a hospital and need to receive treatment, your insurance will cover the 100% of the MBS for in-hospital treatments, and 85% of MBS for other medical services provided for out-of-hospital (for example specialists, pathology and X-rays). Regarding your next question: the amount of MBS for each item is determined by the government and it changes every year. For example, the MBS item specifically for COVID testing introduced by the Department of Health in March 2020 is $28.65, and AHM/Medibank would cover 85% of it.