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Find a casual work in Australia

Australia is a great destination for many reasons. One of the attractions is the ready availability of casual work to help finance your studies and to help you enjoy life in the lucky country. These days more than 99% of our students are working and very few find it hard to find work if they really try hard (although the beach can be a distraction!)

With a student visa you are allowed to work up to a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight and full time when you are on holiday from your school. If you are on a Working Holiday Visa there are no restrictions to the number of hours you can work.When you first arrive in Australia we recommend that you come to a Go Study Australia office to help you with everything to settle in to your new home. We have weekly Job Club sessions that are run in your language to help you get ready to start working in Australia. We help you with:-          Opening an bank account-          Applying for a Tax File Number-          Creating a suitable resume (CV)-          Information on types of work-          Tips on places to find work-          Access to our constantly updated jobs listMost of our students find casual work. This type of work is best suited to those who have temporary visas (Student or Working Holiday) and they provide good rates of pay (Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world) but also a great way to better understand Australia and meet new people. Most of our students work in the following areas:-          Retail (shops are often looking for staff)-          Hospitality (restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels usually hire casual staff)-          Construction (some of the boys like to do this kind of work and there is a lot of construction work in Australia)-          Cleaning (it may not be very glamorous, but when your English is limited this can be one way to start)-          Childcare (babysitting and nanny work is always available)We don’t want you to have any problems so we encourage you to know your rights as an international student working in Australia. You can read more here: http://www.fairwork.gov.au/employment/international-students/pages/default.aspxThroughout your time in Australia we are here to help. Talk to us any time for help and advice. It’s all part of the service!