Go Study Australia
Bartender in BrisbaneTo work as a Bartender is the goal of many who set off for Brisbane. Here’s an account.I arrived in Brisbane at the height of the Australian summer season in a sweltering heat. I had no time to waste, even if my cheap matress wasn’t as comfortable as I had wished for, I started my job hunt on day 2 armed with a sheaf of resumes.Luckily I had received loads of good advice from people who had lived in Brisbane, including the team from Go Study and pointed straight to the busy districts: New farm, South Bank, Paddington, Riverside, etc. My travel mate and I circled the city in two days and asked for a job in every and each place we came across: restaurants, bar, hotel and stores. The result? On the second weekend since my arrival I had landed a job in Australia.The Exotic AccentMy first job was as a Barista at The Peasant: a Spanish restaurant with only one Spanish on the team: me! I was asked to stress my accent to sound more “exotic”. I fast tracked in on the job training: though I was experienced, everything appeared to work differently, names and methods too. The key was to adapt.Amongst my initial working experiences, the one from which I gained more out of, especially in terms of patience and understanding was at Musik Cafe: a well known restaurant/bar with live music in the West End. It was a great place and I was treated exceptionally well. Unfortuantely it closed down to undergo refurbishment and I had to find a new job.This time however, having made some connections in town, it was easier and in short time I found a job at a Nando’s outlet in Paddington, just a step away from where I was living. I embraced the job and learned how to multi task efficiently between the kitchen, cash register, customer service and on the phone for take away orders. I progressed to a higher role in no time and maintained it until my departure from the country. I had adjusted to a blissful routine - I must admit.Conclusion is?He who has it rough wins or, in other words, never give up.It all depends on you and your ambitions. Saying this I don’t mean you have to sift out every inch of the city to find something worthy but with some effort and motivation, you will achieve results.I believe there are many opportunities in Australia, it is only a matter of personal ambition to exploit them.  Guaranteed, its not impossible!Happy Australia to all!