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Finally - Applications for emergency relief from Red Cross are now open!

The Red Cross is now received funding from the Department of Social Services to provide emergency relief to people who are on temporary visas and in severe financial hardship due to Covid-19.

  • These funds are not a replacement for your pay, or income support. They are for one-off payments to people who cannot afford essentials like food and medicine.
  • They will help those with the most urgent needs first. We will not have enough to help everybody who is in financial hardship.

If you are wanting to apply for emergency relief, please go to the Emergency Relief page on the Red Cross website.

You will need to provide your visa details and a bank statement or transaction list that includes:

  • Your full name (that matches the name on your application)
  • BSB number
  • Account number
  • One month of transaction history (up to the date you submit your application

Who is eligible?

These payments are for people with no income, savings or financial support; and who cannot access Centrelink, Medicare or other government services.

Due to demand, the Red Cross will prioritise:

  • people who cannot afford basics like food and medicine
  • families with young children
  • people who are experiencing harm,
  • people with a disability
  • people who are vulnerable to COVID-19
  • people with physical or mental health issues

How to apply
Go to the Emergency Relief page on the Red Cross website.